Our Visit To Puno: Part 1 – Sillustani

As part of our business and tourism activities, we were in Puno last month. If you already don’t know, Puno is where 49% of the alpacas in Peru live, and has a big artisans base, who made all kind of alpaca items and other handicraft stuff.

We want to show you one of the touristic places of Puno, which we enjoyed a lot. It is called Sillustani (3900 meters above the sea level), and it is where a couple of lakes are located, as well as some “chullpas“. What is a chullpa? That is a good question. In the past, the aymara culture built this kind of towers to use them as cemetries, to locate there the corpses. So in fact they are ancient cemetries.

The place is really beautiful and luckily for us, this time of year has few tourists so the place is almost only for us! And also the weather is really good and enjoyable, with sun and a bit windy, but no need to have a lot of winter clothes.

If you find yourself having a visit to Peru, not only Cusco is a great place to visit. Puno is not so far away and has great amenities like Sillustani, or the worldwide famous Titicaca lake. Give a look to the pictures we have taken. They do not do justice to its beauty!


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